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Florida native and now Nashville-based, recording artist Henry J. Martin has been performing music for most of his life. He began singing, playing piano and performing at the age of seven in his hometown of Sebring, Florida. At age seventeen he wrote his first song and from that moment on it became apparent that his love for music would dictate the rest of his life and career.

Henry continued playing music all through high school and eventually moved to Chattanooga, Tennessee to hone his skills in live performance and songwriting at Southern Adventist University. During these years Henry performed music of all styles ranging from Classical music to Alternative Rock and Country.

Shortly after graduation Henry joined a local country music group from North Georgia as a front man and guitar player. He played over 60 shows with the group traveling all throughout Georgia and Tennessee. This eventually led him to Nashville. Upon arrival, all signs seemed to point to a new life in the Music City.

Since making the move to Nashville, Henry has only worked more intensively at perfecting his live show and establishing his reputation as a songwriter. With raw, honest lyrics, and a high-energy stage presence, his live show delivers a highly interactive and memorable experience for all who come to watch and listen.

“I’ve grown more as a person and musician since moving to Nashville than I have living anywhere else. Every time I wake up, all my skills are pushed to their absolute limit and the rewards are incredible! I’m very thankful for the opportunity to live and work among some of the most talented and recognized musicians in the world as well as be inspired by the grit and hunger for success found in my friends and fellow songwriters.”