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Ryan Hibbert (CEO)

“Hospitality has always been in my blood,” Ryan Hibbert is a founding partner and CEO of Riot Hospitality Group. “I am a big believer in managing by doing. I grass-roots develop all my management. That’s the difference between me and most of my competitors. I run the restaurant business by developing talent and getting my hands dirty every day. I hand-select people who share my passion.”Ryan has created several successful concepts in a highly competitive market. “In the hospitality industry you have to differentiate yourself by the environments you create, and the quality of product you serve. I’m really good at creating an environment, a culture. Riot Hospitality Group creates really unique environments that breed incredible cultures around our brands. The quality of the food, service and entertainment is exponentially better than what you get at other places, and that builds loyalty. We give local residents and visitors alike a place where they feel like the belong, and they love what they are experiencing.”

Ryan, a University of Arizona graduate, has a degree in Molecular and Cellular Biology. Setting, rather than following, trends is one of the keystones of the firm’s success. “People are always blown away by our level of execution. The level of our food quality, customer service and entertainment is something everyone else in the hospitality market is trying to emulate. When we get it down, we get it right…every time.”

Community Involvement
– 2015, 2016 & 2017 Arizona Business Leaders Award
– Phoenix Business Journal Valley Business Leaders for Ryan Hibbert
– Advisory Board Member and Special Deputy, Sheriff’s Youth Assistance Foundation
– YPO Chapter Member
– University of Arizona Alumni Member

Jon Wright (President)

“Jon Wright, an Arizona State University graduate, is a founding partner and President of Riot Hospitality Group. Starting in the bar/restaurant industry in 2003, Jon has thrived with his one-of- a-kind concepts and keen entrepreneurial sense.In 2008, Jon opened his own bar/restaurant, The Lodge, in Scottsdale. The Lodge offered a much-needed retreat from the Scottsdale standard. The unique cabin-esque décor along with its laid back staff and large patio was an instant success.

In 2010, Jon became a founding partner of RHG. Jon’s passion for the RHG concepts and his creativity are a driving force behind the success of RHG. As President of RHG, his emphasis is on continuing the RHG innovation trend by creating new concepts while strategically growing existing successful concepts. Residing in Chicago, Jon is active within both the Chicago and Scottsdale business communities and he serves on a number of boards and committees including the Scottsdale Downtown Entertainment District Association. Outside of work, he is an active contributor to the Big Brother Big Sisters nonprofit organization and Charity 4 Life.

Mike Troyan (President)

“Mike Troyan has been involved in the entertainment, hospitality and real estate industries for over 15 years. Mike’s entertainment career began in San Diego where he became involved in promotions and marketing for many of San Diego’s top hot spots, including On Broadway, E Street Alley, and Ole Madrid. Mike also worked in Los Angeles at Creative Artist Agency (CAA) helping implement international tours, which included bookings and contract management for Bon Jovi, The Smashing Pumpkins, AC/DC, and many other well-known performers. Mike’s passion, creativity, and ambition for the hospitality industry lead him to be an integral part in the acquisition and conceptual development of American Junkie, which soon after opening in 2008, quickly became one of the top restaurant/bars in Scottsdale.In 2010, Mike became one of the founding partners of Riot Hospitality Group. Mike is a vital component in the operation of all of RHG’s concepts and locations. Mike is always in the field looking for fresh locations to develop new RHG concepts. Mike also has deep ties to the Scottsdale community and currently holds the position of Vice President of the Scottsdale Downtown and Entertainment District Association.

Justin Cohen (Vice President of Operations)

Justin Cohen has been a part of the entertainment and hospitality industry for the past 20 years. After attending and graduating from San Diego State University, he worked on the frontlines with Gordon Biersch, Houston’s and PF Chang’s. After moving to Scottsdale, Arizona, Justin continued his hospitality career with RA Sushi. Realizing he had a desire to continue to learn and grow in the hospitality industry, Justin decided to partner with the former CFO of Global Dining and helped him conceptualize and open one of the first Izakaya Restaurants in Scottsdale. Accomplishing this feat landed him a position as Regional Director of Operations for Fox Restaurant Concepts, where he managed over five of the companies’ well-known brands. He also played an integral part in the development of franchise relationships heading Fox projects out of state.Most recently, Justin joined RHG as their Vice President of Operations to assist with the growth of their current restaurant/bar concepts and the development of future projects in select U.S. markets. Justin is known for his streamlined training techniques, project leadership, and staff development while directing attention to every detail. Nothing gets past Justin. Justin is also working on finishing his first book about leadership in the hospitality industry.